Thursday, September 15, 2016

Press Release - District Report Card

In an effort to communicate on multiple fronts, I have included the press release related to our state issued report card below. With the authorization of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) at the federal level, we have an opportunity to refocus and create a stable and equitable assessment and accountability system in the state of Ohio. It is time for communities, district and building leaders, and boards of education to voice their concerns and bring solutions to the table. The staggering number of Ds and Fs across the state are not indicative of our education system. Students and teachers have not declined at such a rapid rate. Don't let this moment for change pass us by in Ohio. Make your voice heard!

The 2015-16 State Report Card should be released at some point today and will be covered by multiple media outlets over the next week or so. This year’s report card contains numerous changes including overall component grades for report card sections.  The 2015-16 report card results are generated from a new assessment system, which is the 3rd assessment system in three years.  What you may notice is that our ratings have declined in some areas.  To an extent, this was to be expected with so much change in the measurement system for us and districts across the state.    

The new assessment system is built on more rigorous standards and increased performance targets for students.  The accountability elements of the report card will challenge districts to meet those high standards for student growth and achievement.  However, adjustments to these higher standards will not happen overnight and reduced scores are more the norm than an anomaly throughout the state.  Though the state issued report card is an important part of the data we use to inform instruction, it is only one of the many measures that matter.  

Regardless of any changes to the state’s accountability measures, we are prepared to use this data to reflect on student instruction and implement instructional practices that will best meet the needs of all our students.  As we analyze what we know about students from a variety of measures, it is evident that students in Mechanicsburg Schools continue to grow as well rounded students.  We continue to have strong teachers, capable students, and a supportive community.  

In the meantime, our district leaders, alongside administrators from across the state, will persist in advocating for a more consistent accountability system.  This stability is necessary to allow our teachers and administrators to do what they do best for students day in and day out.  

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or Mary J Huffman at should you want to discuss the report card further.  

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Danielle Prohaska, Superintendent

Mechanicsburg Exempted Village Schools

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