Tuesday, March 25, 2014

OTES and OPES "Re-calibration"

Updates from ODE on credentialing procedures

Teacher and principal evaluator training for “re-calibrating” credentials is delayed

Training and tests will be available in June, rather than mid-May as previously announced, for educators who need to update their credentials as evaluators for the Ohio Teacher or Principal Evaluation Systems. The National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET), which will administer the re-calibration process, will send notification of the training’s opening date to evaluators who have valid email addresses in the institute’s registration system.

Successful re-calibration is required every two years to maintain credentialed evaluator status. Re-calibration requires teacher evaluators to take three hours of online training and principal evaluators to take two hours of online training. Both teacher and principal evaluators also need to pass the appropriate tests. More information is available on thedepartment’s website.