Monday, January 27, 2014

Updates to Student Growth Measures

Many of us are half way through our 1st year using student growth measures.  As you take time to reflect on practices and refine your processes and thinking around SGMs, please see the information below.  

The ODE recently posted documents to assist and guide districts in decision making around student growth measures.  As always, would love to discuss this further with anyone that is interested!
Guiding Questions to Inform District Conversations with Approved Vendors provides a list of questions for administrators to consider when making decisions about purchasing approved vendor assessments that can be used to determine growth scores. This document was written to guide and support administrators in evaluating the alignment of the assessment to district and school goals. This document is located at

Districts can find recommendations surrounding the use of shared attribution here:

Assessment Literacy FAQs (updated 1/16/14) are available at this link:

A sample district level SLO for vocabulary acquisition in all curricular areas has been posted here:

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